Building on History

​​​Architectural Salvation p.c.

​​​​​Architectural Salvation p.c. 

The Design process

Step 4- Construction Documents + Permits

How to build it

Often referred to as CD’s, these are the drawings and specifications that give the contractor the information necessary to build your project.  These are based on the finalized design from the previous phase. The level of detail in these drawings is extremely important as these documents serve as a part of the contract you will have with your builder.  Bids you receive are based on the scope outlined in these documents.  Barring any changes or unforeseen conditions, these drawings will establish a guaranteed cost from the contractor. You may elect to engage a contractor early with an abbreviated set of drawings for pricing purposes.  Final drawings will be used to acquire a permit for construction.  Permits are typically applied for, and obtained by, the awarded General Contractor.