Building on History

​​​Architectural Salvation p.c.

​​​​​Architectural Salvation p.c. 

                 -  Winston Churchill

Architectural Salvation is a full service architecture firm specializing in the renovation, restoration and expansion of vintage residential architecture.


Your home is an expression of who you are.  

It showcases your personality and taste. It holds your memories. It's not just a place to live, its the place where your life happens.

Preserving your home's charm, history and detail is vital- it's why you bought this house.  But preserving a century old home can often fall short of meeting the needs of its 21st century family.  It is essential to find just the right balance between function and beauty- while maintaining a sensitivity to the style and character which makes your home unique.

Building on History.
Contrary to commonly held beliefs, everything old is not worth saving. Poor decisions are an end product of every generation. Good and bad are subjective terms but when altering your home, hiring design professionals that understand your home’s history and architectural character is imperative, regardless of the architectural style.  Success is achieved through understanding the balance between what you have-  and how to make it better.

Leave your mark.
It’s your home, you should decide what it becomes.  We will help you discover the appropriate evolution of your home and assist you in seeing your vision through.  You can build on the history you have and create something uniquely yours, something that will last and be there for future generations to experience and enjoy-  something that says-  I lived here. 

"We shape buildings, there after, they shape us." -